FALL in Love with our new seasonal candles available now!

Love these candles! They work as air fresheners as well if you leave the lid off.


Burning my candles from Scentimental Candle Co. and my home smells amazing! So glad i got the variety bundle. Thanks again, I'm done with BBW!


Your candles are all you said and more! Bravo highly recommended!!


So I was having a bad allergy moment earlier and burned Just Breathe, it's helping me so much.


OMG the candles were a complete hit and therapeutic might I add. I shared with my sisters and they loved them too. Thanks again!


...I only lit the Grapefruit one (Perfect Getaway) and it has so much range! I smelled it all the way in the bedroom. It smells SO GOOD and clean


Just received my gift from Alex over at Scentimental Candle Co. You must know that soy is the way to go! The care put into this packaging is perfect and the scent coming from this box is amazing!


The All is Well is Aaaaamazing!! Love it!! Hubby came in and said the house smells good as hell!


These candles are wonderful. You have a great product!!! I'm going to get the larger ones.