About the Owner



 "I literally smell everything! Even when I'm not trying to, which is a gift and a curse. I love candles and can detect a good scent a mile away." Owner and creator of the company, Alex Mathis is a Detroit native that on a whim started her candle business in her kitchen. "When the pandemic hit it turned everyone's world upside down. Making candles brought me peace in the midst of all the chaos". Alex started Scentimental Candle Co in August of 2020. After just 4 months in business the new owner sold over 230 candles solely via word of mouth. "I never expected the company to grow so quick or to receive so much support. I'm truly grateful. They say scent is the strongest tie to memory. I want people to smell my candles and feel good, lift their mood, or take them back to a place that puts a smile on their face. That's the ultimate satisfaction for me".